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Website Migration To-Dos:

1. Pick Your Website Re-Design Plan:
   - Free Default Template
   - Custom Redesign… $300

3. Make sure your email is hosted elsewhere

4. Whitelist our email:
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5. Inform us if you run Google Ads.

6. Sign up for Google’s re-Captcha
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Eliminate appointment form SPAM

Follow these simple steps to generate what's called RECAPTCHA keys from Google. You will need a Google account and need to be signed in to complete these steps. Please contact us if you have any issues

Click Here To Start Generating Your RECAPTCHA keys:

Pointing Your Domain To Us

*Be sure to notifiy us as soon as you are done!

Email Whitelisting Our Email:

View the following instructions on how to whitelist our email so that your email program will never delete appointment and estimate request form submissions...

Have a NEW website?

Be sure to CLICK HERE for our NEW WEBSITE TACTICS page. It will walk you through some vital first steps to help your website get traffic and more.


Basic Editing

Menu / Navigation Tutorial

Images Tutorial

Containers Tutorial

Round Corner Boxes

Inserting Widgets / Custom Code